Miss Me Jeans

The unparallel triumph of Miss me jeans!

A brand launched in 2001, which arguably changed the persona of modern women was Miss me jeans. Exquisite designs highlight the brand’s objective, which passionately defines each and every feminine emotion. Ladies who possess the alluring charm as well as gravity, miss me adds another savor i.e. oppressive uniqueness. The brand focuses on to bring out the exotic magnetism which is indisputable from a man’s prospective. Miss me Jeans is designer wear which is made exclusively for womanhood only.

About the brand: Miss me jeans

It is California based company which has developed into worldwide success. Undeniably, the designer clothing has changed the facet of ordinary women. Miss me has two designer ranges, Casual Wear and Formal Wear.
Apart from that the brand has three types of clothing range.

miss me jeans1 225x300 Miss Me JeansThe miss me is a women range which makes highly sophisticated causal and formal wear for women. MM couture is an exclusive line up which serves the brand in elite fashion shows. The girls section is for adolescent which shows the grasp of the brand in the market.

This is a clothing brand which is made only for women and carries the characteristic which a woman and girls needs. Beauty and grace flows with the clothes we were and this brand absolutely embarks this thought. It is not about looking gorgeous, it is about feeling gorgeous, as said by the Head Designer.

Jeans are the forte of this brand. Miss me Jeans is famous rather celebrated for this female denim collection. The denim collection is vast and profound. The design is made to add confidence or impeccable attitude in every woman’s wardrobe. Plush, is another term that can describe the lean and mean denims for toned bodies. Skinny jeans are in and especially for girls with attitude. Recently, Skinny and low-waist jeans have made a huge buzz in the industry and miss me jeans have exploited that particular rack. The exploit has made this brand a huge success within a span of 10 years.

Types of Miss me jeans and other apparels

miss me jeans2 225x300 Miss Me JeansThe denim range consist of Leggings, Skinny, Straight leg, Boot-cut, Boyfriend, wide leg, shorts, and caprice. This line comes under the casual wear and cane be teamed up with different types of tops such as shirts, blouses, sweaters and vests.

Bottoms such as pants, shorts and skirts are the spearheads of formal and party wear. Miss me, is also renowned for its outstanding jackets, blazers, and coats. Hence, the brand covers everything under women apparel. This is not the exclusive line and is available to everyone. The MM couture also has these sub genres and the MM girls too posses the same subordinates.

Miss me also have an exclusive range for accessories such as hand bags, jewelry, and shoes. This shows the advent of a global company.

Impact of Miss me Jeans on Fashion Industry

The impact of Miss me Jeans has been huge and it can be easily illustrated with its globalization in just 11 years. Now, Miss me has been compared with leading brands and its exclusive line up has allured every female celebrity. This has really conjured the female section of our society. The brand brings a novel chic to feminine fashion and that has been its impact on fashion industry. Now, rich and fashionable clothes are available at reasonable price and it is down to MM brand only. Its major success is down to its marketing and designing team. The brand has been marketed in clusters, which covers both elite and standard consumers. The success of MM couture range is down to the designing team only. Hence, the brand has targeted every consumer specifically.

miss me jeans3 225x300 Miss Me JeansYet, its global appeal only belongs to the hard work of the entire brand as a whole and it is an extraordinary story of a company. The brand name, Miss me, can be compared to a magic wand which is about to cast a spell on everybody, especially, the male section of the society.

The brand is famous among teenagers and among women too. Miss me jeans has become a true style statement which cannot be underestimated rather it needs to be adored for its unparallel success.